Change some daily habits for a healthier you

Are you one of those people who thinks that working out is expensive? Well, here’s a breakdown of some daily habits that may be worth giving up in order for you to get healthy:

  • Can of chew: costs $5.19. If you purchase a can every week for one year, that’s gonna run you $1,743.84.

  • Cigarettes: costs $5 per pack. If you smoke one pack a week for one year, that’s gonna cost you $1,680.

  • 1 liter of cheap water: $1.79 per bottle. Buy a 1-liter bottle every day in the week for one month, that’s gonna cost you more than $50.

  • Monster Energy Drink: costs $2.49. If you drink one Monster every day a week, you’ll spend $17.43 a week—that’s nearly $70 a month.

  • Starbucks Venti drink: runs $4.25 per drink. Get one before you go to work every day, that’s $21.25 per week—and $85 per month!

  • 12-pack of beer: costs roughly $12.60 a pack. If you drink one 12-pack a week, that’s costing you more than $50 a month and roughly $655 a year.

  • One fast food meal: costs an average of $6.59. If you eat three fast food meals a week, that’s nearly $20. Eat three fast food meals a week for a month, that’s nearly $80.

  • One meal out at a nice restaurant for two people: Costs an average of $40 each meal. If you eat out four times a month, that’s costing you nearly $2,000 a year.

Some people will spend more and some people will spend less that what is listed above.

So, just for one example: let’s say you get a Venti Starbucks drink one morning before you head to work. Then, you’re running late decide to grab a meal at Wendy’s. And, when you put gas in your truck before heading home, you pick up a soda. You’ve just spent $12.13 that day. Do that three times a week, you’re spending roughly $37. Do that every day, you’re spending nearly $85 a week. BTW: for $85, you can have three semi-private Pilates sessions at Ignite Pilates & Personal Training Fitness Studio a week.

The point we’re making: EVERYONE can afford healthy habits when you take out the garbage that you don’t need in your life. Come chat with me and see how we can help you make some healthy and wise choices in your life. Contact us for more information, or stop by and check out the studio at 308 S. Douglas Highway in Gillette.



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