Not a one-size-fits-all model

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The other day, there were some negative comments on a post on Ignite Pilates’ Facebook page. Usually, these comments don’t bother me, but this one struck a nerve. I had posted how a new trend should be started by employers to allow their employees a longer lunch so they could work out. The comment implied that Ignite’s hours stink, and therefore should be better so more people can access our services.

Here’s the deal folks: Ignite is a Pilates, Personal Training and TRX studio. I have spent thousands of dollars on training and equipment to offer these specialized services. As the business owner, I spend around 10 hours a day writing workouts, planning training sessions, getting certified/going to training sessions, and running my business. Some of the trainers here also work multiple jobs, so they aren’t here “full time”. With them, Ignite offers small, personalized classes at select hours for adults, or on a case by case basis (as, there are a few teens who benefit from our services).

The clients who come to Ignite are busy business people/owners who carve out time in their schedules to stay healthy--some even work multiple jobs. Some are also stay-at-home mothers with full family schedules, who make time in their schedule to be well. And, some are also retired people who like to stay active or are looking to improve their quality of life. All of these individuals are investing in their health—they are making sure that they make time to keep themselves healthy.

What I’m saying here is that Ignite Pilates is not a one-size-fits-all service. We simply cannot provide our services to everyone. Please don’t be negative on Ignite’s page because our business model doesn’t fit your needs. Maybe it’s simply not meant to.

Ignite isn’t the only place you can turn to to get healthy. There are several boxes/centers/gyms/studios in Gillette, Wyoming that can help to fill that void. If Ignite’s hours don’t work for you—find a health center that does offer hours and classes when you can attend (Google really is a wonderful tool). And, if going to one of those gyms isn’t your thing, there are loads of services that can be purchased for your home—DVDs, online videos, streaming videos, and so forth. Heck, Wal-Mart sells plenty of exercise equipment!

I am simply providing a very targeted way to help people get healthy. But, in reality, the person who is doing the real work is you. If you want to get healthy, then find the way that works best for you to do that. I encourage you to.

Even if it isn’t in my studio.

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