Ignite and Wyoming Weight Loss Contest Update: Week 1

Check out the week one update from Tonya and Teran on their six week contest!

From Tonya:

Week one is in the books! Teran and I weighed together on Thursday. I was down six pounds, but no inches this week (old TOM showed this week, darn it!) My goal this last week was to stick to protocol 100% and journal. I am happy to report that I reached both of those goals this week. I had a bit of a headache on day three and was quite hungry, but nothing an extra protein and some salt water couldn’t handle! I starting to feel my energy kick up, and my appetite decrease, so things are getting much easier!

This week coming up, I feel like I have the right mindset, but have some challenges ahead of me! (Camping!) Stay tuned on Thursday for our results this week!

Feel free to ask either of us questions, or keep us up-to-date each week with your check ins!

From Teran: Sooo... a little update on operation kick Tonya's ass on bf% and inches... lost three lbs and 1.5 inchs, and only cheat I've had was a piece or cheese! Yay! Gotten h20 in all five days. Have also worked out all five days and felt great until today, and just dragging! But tomorrow will be better.

Anybody have any questions or comments? Lets hear them!

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