Ignite and Wyoming Weight Loss Contest Update: Week 2

Check out the week two update from Tonya and Teran on their six week contest!

From Tonya:

Teran and I weighed/measured a day early this week. It was a great challenging and learning week for both of us! The holiday and camping this week, brought challenges to me, as I was in situations where I wasn’t in as much control, but with Chef Verati’s advice (always knowing what I am going to eat for the next three days) things went smoother than I had planned.

Physically I am not feeling much different yet, but mentally I am feeling much more confident in my decisions and feeling in control of myself! Such a great feeling!

I was down 2.6 pounds this week, for a total of 8.4. My inches thankfully caught up from last week and I was down 7.5 inches. Let us know how you are doing and ask any questions that you may have!

Tips for camping:

  1. Bring foods that fit your activities (convenience!)I packed chopped jicama, cucumbers, pickles, ready made drinks, and crisps. (I also brought pancakes and Walden Farms syrup, but went with what was easy instead) Keep restricteds handy in your pack if you are fishing or hiking, along with water enhancers!

  2. Plan all your meals ahead of time and bring extra! My dinners went hay-wire but still stuck to protocol. I had planned burgers with the veggie fixings one night and steaks the second night with cauliflower rice. We ended up eating out for lunch the first day on the way to camp, so I had steak and a side salad (mustard and oil for dressing), the second day it was COLD and rainy and we wanted a soup. I used the burger meat, peppers, tomatoes, and seasonings to make a stuffed pepper soup that was protocol. (Thank goodness I brought extras!)

  3. Water enhancers and coffee saved my tail while everyone else had cocktails around the fire

  4. Put your olive oil in a small bottle(I just use a 16 ounce water bottle or a small mason jar), and your salt in a mini salt shaker.

  5. Put your required supplements in a pill box! (I got mine at DollarTree!)

  6. I didn’t bring any this time, but the brownie and vanilla crispy square are AWESOME roasted over the fire!

  7. Pack small bottles of mustard, hot sauce, and apple cider vinegar!

  8. Have fun! The trip isn’t about food! Use your food for fuel and enjoy what your trip is really about!“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

From Teran:

Dear diary.... I hate your stinking guts....ooops wrong diary!

Well I got a nice head cold that started last Friday so was a rough week. I had a moment of weakness with a frozen dairy pint but after a nice chat with a WWL coach I'm back on track and taking things a step further by checking into some alternative addiction help (acupuncture, therapy, essential oils, journaling, ect.) to help me figure out my sugar issues. I feel like I have to take this step as I have lost and gained about three times and always go back to bad habits (only one time with ideal protocol). I did still lose .4 lbs (the weight of my big toe) and 1.5 inches though! My goals for next seven days are:

  1. plan three days in advance

  2. Get h20 in

  3. Stick to the plan!

  4. Find my alternative help!

Peace, love, TRX, Teran

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