Ignite Pilates Announces Off the Wall Springboard Pilates Classes

Ignite Pilates is introducing a new class line starting Monday, November 5: Off the Wall Springboard Pilates.

Off the Wall Pilates features the new Springboards that we recently put up in the studio in Gillette, Wyoming. If you ever took a reformer class with Teran, you may have done some work with springs on the Tower. Springboards are a little like the Reformer Towers, but they are also vastly different. Here's a bit more information about the new Springboard:

  • It's a great tool for working on imbalances. With a Springboard, each limb works with its own spring, and that means each limb works independently. Why is that important? It's an added coordination challenge—for the brain and for the body!

  • The springs are directly in front or behind the body, depending on whether you face the Springboard or face away from it. There’s nothing between the body and the springs, so the pull is more direct.

  • Unlike a Reformer, there is no foot bar to press against, so clients have to work harder to stabilize and balance themselves.

  • Working on the Springboard requires more integrated control and body strength; there is no extra support for the body. There’s just you and the springs!

Essentially: Springboards use spring resistance to help you get stronger! And Ignite Pilates wants you to join us for a drop-in class. Off the Wall Springboard Pilates classes will be offered:

  • 6:30 am, Monday and Wednesday

  • 5:30 pm, Monday and Wednesday

  • 4:30 pm, Tuesday and Thursday

The rate is $15. There are only eight spots available for this class; first-come, first-served.

Sessions are only offered at Ignite Pilates at 308 S. Douglas Highway in Gillette. For more information, or to check out the studio, contact us at 307.660.8077.



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