Teran's journey with Western Plains Chiropractic

Hey Igniters! Teran here.

I decided to follow my own advice and hit up Western Plains Chiropractic in Gillette, Wyoming to have a few spinal checks. I have been putting this off for awhile cause I am a big ole chicken! The following pics are just some of what they have found.

I was in two rollover accidents almost 20 years ago and as you can see I may have some neck issues because of those! Even though Pilates and alignment based exercise can be beneficial it can NOT replace excellent health care.

I feel that had I had a bit more attention 20 years ago that maybe my neck muscles might be able to hold up my head more efficiently. And then when I found Pilates it would have been working to keep me truly aligned instead of working to keep me aligned where my body thought was "normal"! Novel idea aye!

I have decided to share my adventure with WPC so that you can see what they do and decide for yourself if you might need a bit of help, which we all need in some form. Call them today at 307-682-6650; or check them out on Facebook.

Stay tuned as tomorrow I find out what forms of torture I will be enduring!

Any questions feel free to comment!



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