Ignite Movement Coach Candice Monger

Movement Coach Candice Monger begun her TRX Suspension Trainer Instructor Certification with a training in 2020; she has been involved with TRX at Ignite Pilates in Gillette, Wyoming since June 2019.

Candice is coaching with Ignite to help others keep moving!

“I want people to feel good and proud about themselves. I want people to feel like they gave it their all in one of my classes and know that tomorrow they’re going to feel better than they did today,” says Candice. “If you keep moving, even if the workout is hard (and you modify some moves), you’re going to feel better physically and mentally tomorrow.”

Candice grew up playing sports—volleyball, basketball and participated in track. She also played college volleyball.

“Working out and staying healthy has always been a big part of my life,” Candice says. “After having a baby I feel off that wagon hard in 2017, and then I found Ignite, and fell in love with the workouts and the people here, so I decided to become a coach to help more people feel good about themselves mentally and physically.”

Candice has earned a Bachelor’s in Science with a specialty in Civil Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. She is currently a wife and a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and two cats.

“I like to travel to see friends and family all over the country. In the spring and fall you can find me playing rec volleyball. Then as a family we get outdoors a lot for hunting and fishing. My true favorite hobby is organizing and cleaning because I’m weird,” she says.

You can reach Candice at 970-520-4495. Or, book a class with her on the MINDBODY App.

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