Ignite Movement Coach: Felicia Messimer

Updated: Jun 12

Ignite Pilates Movement Coach Felicia Messimer

Felicia J. Messimer, or Lish, has earned her Peak Pilates Level 1 and Basic Mat certifications. Other education Lish has earned includes:

Lish has been teaching some form of Pilates at Ignite Pilates since 2016. Lish also has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Communications from the University of Wyoming.

“I started taking Pilates and TRX from Teran in 2015, and I loved how it deepened my mind/body awareness and connection. I felt better. I was more confident," she says. "So, when Teran asked me if I was interested in earning my Pilates Basic Mat certification, I jumped at it. Teaching was way out of my comfort zone, but I love it.”

Lish wants clients to spend 50 minutes of their day enjoying themselves when they take a class from her. She wants them to take that time to get centered, to care for themselves, to relax and rejuvenate, or to just BE present.

“There’s a hashtag we use on the Ignite social pages all the time: #movementheals. I really believe this,” says Lish.

Lish's day job is a marketing specialist at Campbell County Health in Gillette, Wyoming; she is also a founding board member of Fur Kids Foundation, which helps Campbell County, Wyoming families with emergency veterinary care for their pets when they cannot afford it. She also sits on the Campbell County CARE Board, and often finds other ways to volunteer her time to a variety of causes in the community.

"I've always believe that being involved in your community is essential. Volunteering is very rewarding, and can bring a lot of joy to your life," she says.

In her spare time, Lish enjoys spending time outside with her family and rescued dogs Beatrix, Jaeger, and Madigan; photography / playing with videos; working on home improvement projects; gorging on culture; traveling; cooking; and reading. She helps with the marketing for Ignite Pilates and TRX.

You can reach Lish at 862.596.2922. Or book a class with her on the MINDBODY App.

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