Ignite: The fitness studio for every body

What is Ignite? I don’t mean literally… but what is it that makes Ignite... Ignite.

At its core, Ignite is a fitness studio. We offer some different types of group exercise classes such as TRX, mixed equipment Pilates and suspension Pilates (Pilates using the TRX Suspension System). Are there other gyms in Gillette, Wyoming that offer these as well? There sure are!

But I don’t want to chat about them. Or compare Ignite to what classes they are offering; or compare our trainers to their trainers.

I do want to tell you what Ignite offers; but mostly (and more importantly) I want you to know what Ignite stands for. What Ignite’s mission is and what kind of clients we want to see come through our doors.

Most of you know that this studio started off with me (Teran) having some equipment, in crates, in my garage, that could not be returned. I sat on this equipment for a while not sure what to do; after all, I had a good paying job at a coal mine.

Finally, I just decided to go for it and put in my notice. I was still SO unsure of myself and my abilities. But, I jumped. With both feet in. And, I haven’t looked back.

I did not have a vision for Ignite then—no goal, or mission. We have been open 4.5 years and it has taken that long for me to realize what I want Ignite to be: what I believe that Gillette needs.

We are a fitness studio for EVERY BODY.

At Ignite, we do not judge anyone based on fitness ability, or social standing, or the number on the scale. It is never about what fancy workout clothes you wear in that door or what you eat outside of our studio. We are not here, teaching, to make you feel like less of a person. Everyone deserves to feel accepted! No matter what your scale says or what your pant size is.

We offer small 14 or 7 person group movement classes so that you can learn and progress.

We do not offer any personal 1 to 1 training. Why? Because in this new world full of social media bullshit ALL of us need to connect with people... like, in person!

Read that again.

We all need to CONNECT... with real people! Want to know what the fun part is? Those connections will start to wonder why you haven’t been to class, they will ask you to have a drink after class, they will become your friend. We are creating a community at Ignite. One that is accepting. One that is embracing all kinds of bodies. One that is encouraging everyone to come and enjoy movement with other people who enjoy moving.

That right there is my Ignite goal/plan/vision/mission: help all people feel great about themselves… regardless of their size or diet. I want to help you get moving with other people and make some connections!

I believe, and my trainers believe, that movement heals. You do not need to be perfect to move. You do not need to be in shape to enjoy movement.

Trainers at Ignite will NOT pressure you to get on a scale, measure your body fat or log your food. We will not give diet advice. We will not tell you that losing 5 more pounds will make you move better.

You are perfect the way you are. Check Ignite out and leave perfect at the door.

Come to the Jedi world. I think you will like it.


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