Ignite Movement Coach: Laura Beth Bourne

Updated: Jun 12

Laura Beth Bourne has begun her TRX Suspension Training Instructor certification with a live training in 2019; and has been involved with TRX at Ignite since 2017.

Ignite TRX Movement Coach Laura Beth Bourne

“When I began, I was 7 months post-partum from a complicated delivery. My body and mindset were a train wreck and I was three months away from having a cardiac ablation,” says Laura. “I was terrified of having surgery on my heart and wanted to be in the best shape possible to decrease the risks. I had complications in surgery; however I was released two weeks post operation back to TRX and lifting my amazing kiddos because of the strength training I did before surgery.”

Laura was excited when Teran mentioned that Ignite Pilates in Gillette, Wyoming needed another TRX instructor, and jumped at the opportunity to grow personally and to give others the chance to experience the same excitement she has for TRX. “The excitement clients have when they have earned the right to progress is invigorating. It fuels my desire to wake up at 4 am, even when its -10 degrees outside,” she says.

“I want others to be able to accomplish their goals, in a place where they can feel comfortable whether they're having the worst day possible or they're on cloud nine. Anybody, and any BODY, can do TRX at Ignite—we live by those words. We don't judge you. We strive to help you. Encourage you. Motivate you. I want to help others achieve as much as I have in the last three years,” says Laura.

Laura believes that, in general, humans feel better when they move. “I believe everyone needs to find something that gets their blood flowing, face away from their electronics and taking nice deep breaths. When this occurs, the dopamine, nor-epinephrine and serotonin boost increases mood and overall sense of well-being, which improves sleep cycles, encourages better eating habits and helps overall mental health,” she says.

Laura wants clients to feel comfortable and push the limits to gain strength, flexibility, and endurance in her classes. She also wants them to know that they have a community to lean on, grow with and receive encouragement from. “These are the same things that I have received from the last three years at Ignite,” she says.

Laura is a wife, a mother of twin 3.5-year-old boys and three fur kids. Her day job is an Airport Design Engineer and her other side hustle is selling Zyia active wear, which is a great fit for her because it also fits her desire to help people feel good, no matter the body shape, when they look in the mirror, something for every BODY. Laura also enjoys spending time outside—the family loves to visit parks at night and on the weekends when the weather is warm. Laura also loves helping her airport clients plan fly-ins and air shows, and a large goal she has is to eventually become a pilot.

You can reach Laura at 307.660.1727. Or book a class with her on the MINDBODY App.


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