Ignite Movement Coach Martha Keith

Movement Coach Martha Keith is well on her way to earning her Peak Pilates Level 1 certification (she completed her mat class portion and is working on gaining her hours teaching; she'll be certified at the end of 2020).

Martha has been coming to Ignite for nearly a year, her first visit was July 1, 2019.

“After 23 years, my husband and I became empty-nesters, and I have been able to reinvent myself! Part of this reinvention, for me, was to join a gym,” says Martha. “I was terrified my first class as I never thought of myself as an athletic person and I had never been to anything like Ignite. I confess those first few classes—both Pilates and TRX—were HARD, but the support from not only Teran and Lish, but all the other amazing women who were in class kept me coming back for more. I began to see changes in myself both physically and mentally. I still may not be athletic, but I sure as hell don’t let that stop me anymore.”

Martha LOVES Pilates, and says it was a natural progression for her to become an instructor.

“I hope to help other women like me. To let them know that Pilates really is for everyone—or every body like they say in the studio. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you have been, because with Pilates for the next 45-55 minutes it’s just you, the movement and the breath. It’s a beautiful thing,” says Martha.

Like many of the coaches at Ignite, Martha has a full-time job—she’s a paralegal for a firm in South Dakota, which allows her to keep her brain sharp.

“I’m a total homebody who really strives to live as drama free as possible,” she says.

Martha is a happily married woman to Tom, a Mom to Riley, Morgan and Peeper (yes, it’s his nickname), and a Grandma to Brody. You should notice that these are all of the male persuasion—Martha needs women in her life to keep her sane, and she can find lots of women at Ignite Pilates in Gillette, Wyoming.

You can reach Martha at 307-281-1870. Or book a class with her on the MINDBODY App.

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